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Custom Clear Plexiglass Protective Cough, Spit, Sneeze Guards & Sneeze Shie

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard Clear Protective Barrier for Checkout Counter with pass thru

Help Protect Your Customers and Employees

Custom Sneeze Guards and Clear Protective Barriers

 AAWT can create custom cough, spit and sneeze guards that are clear protective sanitary barriers to help prevent the transmission of germs. We provide total fabrication onsite. We can provide a permanent or temporary sneeze shields solution. Also called, Clear protective plexiglass barriers or countertop barriers, they are made of clear plastic-type materials like Acrylic, Lexan, Polycarbonate or Plexiglass.  These sneeze guard type barriers are perfect for retail stores, convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, service counters, reception desks, checkouts, register counters, customer service desks and so many more spaces where 6 feet distance may not be an option 

Check-in Counter Clear Plexiglass Barrier. Sneeze Guards Reception Desk. Sneeze Shields

Clear Protective Plexiglass Counter Barriers

Provide Plexiglass Barriers between your customers and your staff when interacting face to face. These clear protective sneeze shields are a type of barrier that can help prevent the spread of germs.  Our custom sneeze shields provide protection for people of different heights because we customize the size of the sneeze guards to meet your staff's needs. Transactions slots and windows can be tailored to meet each individual need. 

Custom Sneeze Guards. Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Shield Barriers

Seamless Looks!

There are different ways to install clear Plexiglass Barriers to a desk. You can use anchors, tracks, cables, u-channel, etc. This particular install is using cable lines that are mounted to the ceiling and the desktop to create a seamless look.  Steel side clamps hold the sneeze guards in place. The cable line is mounted to the desk so that the Sneeze shields take up minimal space.  If you have a particular idea, call AAWT and we can help bring your ideas to life!

Single Work station Sneeze Guards and Clear Plexiglass Barriers

No Desktop to Mount To? No Problem!

Single work stations like check in stations can use Plexiglass Barriers that are mounted to the front of the desk workstation. If the station moves, the sneeze guards move with it! Our sneeze shields are custom for each individual project. Show us your work area, we will find the solution 

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